Humatech Inc. has been mining, extracting and processing humic and fulvic acids (known collectively as humic acids) for applications in animal feed and agriculture for over 30 years. Over the last 12 years the company has focused mainly on blending specific, humate-rich earth seams into DPX 9902, its proprietary formula used in animal feed. During this time Humatech Inc. has cultivated some of the largest animal feed producers in the world as customers and ships humate products to 14 countries.

The decomposition process of plant and animal matter produces organic and inorganic components. Microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi, play a dominant role in the humification and mineralization of organic components in peat. Inorganic substances, such as minerals, are deposited within peat and clay layers by water, wind or as mineral substances originally bound in plant organisms. As peat layers dry, age and are covered by other layers of earth they become rich in humic and fulvic acids and minerals.

While various sources of humic and fulvic acids exist worldwide, Humatech’s sources are unique in that there are several separate, extractable seams, each with different humic and fulvic acid profiles. Both seams contain humic and fulvic acids although one seam is richer in humic acids while the other provides more fulvic acid. Humatech’s expertise in mining and proprietary blending of these seams is critical in delivering a standard, consistent product.

The benefits of our humic acids have been studied worldwide in third party research for decades in swine, dairy, beef, poultry and aquaculture diets. Humatech Inc. has established a large amount of data on DPX 9902 through trials run both domestically and internationally.

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